Thursday, 1 March 2012

Danes Downunder on Facebook

Mum reads Honey's blog every few days. She is a Great Dane that lives in Sydney and has lots of fun adventures. 
A fews days ago Mum found a link to this really cool Facebook group called Danes Downunder on Honey's blog, so she joined. She says it makes her feels better knowing that she isn't the only crazy person who is obsessed with her Dane doggie. 

If you are a human Dane lover or owner you should go over and ask to join the group. There is lots of funny pictures of us Danes in our homes and the humans talk about diets, health and their adventures. 

Mum says there are lots of humans with Danes in other areas of Australia but she hasn't been able to find anyone in Victoria on the site yet. :( 
Hopefully in time we will find other Danes that live near us so we can catch up and have a play!

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  1. Hiya! I'm in Victoria and on Danes Downunder (Kelly with pup Gertie). Whereabouts are you? (or what vague region).