Sunday, 11 March 2012

Daddy's Favourite Walkie Place

Every night we all go for a walk together. Mum makes sure it is somewhere different each night so no one gets bored. Sometimes Mum has to work until 8pm so that means on those nights she misses out on walks. 

When Mum doesn't come Dad normally takes me down the lane next to Nanny and Poppy's house. It's really great down there. 
I can run off lead, have races with Dad (he likes to run away from me when I'm not paying attention and then I have to chase after him) and I get to see the cows (they kind of freak me out a bit when there is lots of them). 

This afternoon after Mouse went home and after Mum got back from shopping with Aunty Tracey, we all went down to the lane. Here are some pictures.

Action shot. You can see my ouchie on the side of my face here. We found out on Saturday that it is Puppy Strangles....but I'm getting better with my medicine and Emma tells my humans that I probably won't scar! Yay!


Me...and the cows...

My goodness you humans are SLOW!

Hurry up! Those big black cows are gonna get MEEEEE!

Nothing like the wind in your fur....

Run. Run. Run.

Hey Mum, like my ears?

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