Stella's Raw Food Diet

Prior to finding her furever home Stella's human did lots of research on the benefits of a raw food diet (also known as a BARF/Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet). It was decided that given Great Danes have a short life span in comparison to many other breeds, the BARF diet would be the way to go. Stella's humans want the best possible diet for her however were concerned about finding the right balance.

After lots of continued reading after Stella came home Dr Bruce Syme's Vets All Natural (VAN) was introduced in stages. Most meals Stella would get half chicken necks and half VAN mix, until she slowly progressed to eating a full VAN meal. 

The below link is the Vets All Natural website. It is really informative and has some great videos and advice. You can buy Dr Bruce's mix and ready made meals at Veterinary Clinics, pet shops and online.

Stella now loves her VAN diet and continues to have variety and treats throughout the week to keep things interesting. 

This is a basic overview of Stella's weekly menu. She gets fed twice a day, morning and evening around the same time.

Monday - VAN both meals
Tuesday - VAN both meals
Wednesday - VAN breakfast and tuna dinner
Thursday - VAN both meals with some plain greek yoghurt.
Friday - VAN breakfast and raw chicken dinner
Saturday - VAN both meals
Sunday - Eggs (2) and VAN breakfast and VAN dinner


Feeding a BARF diet requires dedication, particularly for a growing large breed pup. Stella commenced eating 400gms of the VAN mix and is now eating just over 1 kg per day. There are three options for those who want to feed their pets VAN. 
1. Buy the premixed VAN kangaroo mix and feed as directed.
2. Weigh and mix the dry ingredients and leave overnight, then mix in the meat when you are ready to feed.
3. Mix in massive batches and freeze.

Stella's humans chose the third option, due to the amount she is eating at the moment. Often, on a weekend, a big plastic container gets plonked down on a towel on the lounge room floor and 8kgs of kangaroo mince and 2.5kgs of VAN dry mix is thrown together. It is then bagged or wrapped up into weighed portions and put into the fridge and freezer for the week. 

The dry mixture being soaked

The meat and bags ready to go!

Stella's mum was a vegetarian for over 6 years. That's love right there.

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