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Below is some information and links useful websites that Stella's humans have found helpful. Please note I am not a Vet and the below information is intended to be a guide for those who would like to research and gather their own information.

Bloat/Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV)

One of the most commonly discussed health problems among large breed owners is bloat/ GDV. Bloat is something that all Dane owners should familiarise themselves with as it is a quick killer and very painful. At this time the causes are not formally known and there are conflictual opinions regarding prevention, however if left untreated the outcome can be fatal.

Bloat causes the dogs stomach to swell and twist, ultimately cutting off the blood supply to other organs and areas of the body. 

Warning signs of bloat

Attempts to vomit, often unsuccessfully
Attempts to defecate
Licking the air
Restlessness and pacing
Swollen abdomen or pain in abdominal area (stomach area may feel tight like a drum)
Increased of rapid breathing
Excessive salivation

It is important if your Dane is showing these symptoms to take them straight to emergency for treatment. 

Many giant breed owners recommend feeding their dogs twice a day and avoiding large meals. 
Try and feed your Dane at least an hour (preferably longer) before or after exercise and avoid excessive amounts of water.
Encourage feeding times to be a quiet, stress free time and rest afterwards.
Feed your Dane a high quality diet, as unprocessed and natural as possible.

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