Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Session at the Park

This afternoon we went to Victoria Park and met some of our friends. I had a great time however I never realised that playing really tires you out!

My friend Dolly Cotton was at the Park. She is a Golden Retriever. Dolly has an older sister Casey and an older brother Arkie. They are Golden Retrievers too.

Here are some pictures of our afternoon play. 

Here is Dolly. We are great friends.

Can you see me?

Here is Dolly again. We are having a roll around.
 Mum reckons we look like WWE wrestlers. I'm not too sure what that means however she says WWE is crap Dad watches on the loud picture noise machine. Maybe I'll have to keep practicing until I get good at crap.

I'm about to go down for the count in this one...I still can't seem to get these long leg things right.

This move is called The Chomp

I can't wait until my teeth get this big!

I am out numbered! Seven Golden Retrievers and a Great Dane. 

This is where I had had enough and decided to go home...

Where is your favourite place to go for play time? Do you live in the country or the city? Mum says I'm too little to go all the way to the city, but I'd like to see it one day.

Friday, 17 February 2012

My Own Facebook Page...

Hey there....Mum's old computer thing died and she just got a new one so it has been a little while since she has posted anything here. She got one of those fruit computers, you know, the ones that make the little music machines. I forget the name of it. Anyway, she said she's super happy with it and I could become a movie star one day because it had lots of cool features. What do you think my screen name should be? I'm thinking Stella the Great. hee hee hee 

Anyway, because Mum got this new computer thing she has been able to make me my very own Facebook page! I've got new friends already. There is Luna the Great Dane, Lilly the Great Dane and Gabriel the Great Dane. Then Mum's friends have liked the page too. 
Aunty Connie saw a photo of me today and she told me she liked my ears! They were all curled up. I was having a bad ear day. Hopefully Mum only puts nice pictures of me on there. Imagine if there was embarrassing ones. I'd never make any friends.

If you want to be my friend then you can search for me on Facebook under: Stella the Great Dane.
Here is the link:

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Summer Sting

Tonight Mum got home from work & gave me my usual greeting. Hugs, kisses, cuddles, praise, belly rubs, scratches behind my ears. (It's one of my favourite times of day).Then she wigged out a bit...

She started feeling my nose and my mouth and then went a bit nutty saying bad words and trying to put her hands in my mouth. She said my mouth was swollen and kept asking me stupid questions I was unable to answer. (Mum talks to me a lot and I'm a great listener but sometimes I think she forgets I can't talk back).

Then she went even nuttier & rang Dad, telling him to come home from Nanny & Poppy's because I'd been bitten by something!

BITTEN!!! Huh, when who, how? Let me at 'em!

I kept running and playing and doing zoomies in the backyard while Mum tried to have 'quiet time' with me. I wasn't up for that...5.30-7.30pm is PLAYTIME, hello! Are we going to the park today? I've got a hot date with a Rotwieler tonight...

So Daddy got home & I continued to try and play with everyone while they both went a bit nutty and tried to phone the vet. The vet is that nice lady called Emma who I visit sometimes for treats and special pats. Her place smells like lots of other animals and I like going to visit her.

Mum and Dad continued to talk and said stuff like 'maybe it's a bee, or a spider, is there any redness, whats her tummy look like, her eyes aren't swollen, she can see'. Oh course I can see, I can see that box of treats inside the door and it's 6.03, I should have had 8 or more of those by now!

My mouth may have been a bit swollen but I didn't care, what is all the fuss about?

Mum rang Poppy T (her human Daddy) and he talked her through a few things as Emma wasn't answering or returning the calls. Poppy T's doggy Heidi has had a few bee stings before. She plays a game called Snap where she tries to catch bees in her mouth. She is very good at it! Heidi has had lots of nasty bee stings that have made her very sick before. Poppy T gave some great advice and some of the swelling in my face had gone down after Mum had got off the phone so she was feeling much more relieved.

I'm a bit sad that a nasty bit me as I missed out on my walk tonight. Mum & Dad told me I couldn't go as I was sick! :(

I still have a little lump and one of my lips is a bit hard but Mum said she felt better as I ate all my dinner and continued to run around doing zoomies....

If the lump is still there in the morning I'm going to see Emma...I secretly hope it is as I'm craving one of those yummy liver treats!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

My Raw Food Diet

Before I came to my new home, my humans did lots of research on doggy diets. They wanted the best food available for me as Great Danes don't have a long lifespan in comparison to smaller breeds. My human mummy did lots of late night reading on Raw Food diets which is what they have decided to feed me. My humans hope that by eating a good, balanced diet that I will be healthy and live as long as I possibly can.

A couple of months before I was born my humans lost their doggy Tinka who was 16 and a half years old. She was a Cocker Spaniel and Mum tells me she was a really good dog with lots of love for everyone. Cocker Spaniels only have a lifespan of around 12. Lots of people told my humans that the reason she lived so long was because she was looked after really well.

There is this really clever vet in Castlemaine called Dr. Bruce and he developed a raw food diet that's great for dogs and cats. You can find Dr. Bruce's website here:

You can buy Dr. Bruce's products at lots of different shops and online. My human Mummy mixes up the dry mix with fresh kangaroo meat which is really good for me because kangaroo meat is low in fat.

Because I'm a big puppy and grow very quickly I eat lots each day so she does a big batch once a fortnight and keeps weighed portions in the freezer.
Sometimes I have more food in the big white cold thing than my humans do!

Mum tells me that you have to be careful about the type of food you feed large breeds when we are growing as we can develop lots of problems. If you Google 'knuckling over' you will see that this is a big ouchie for doggies.

So I get lots of variety, I also get chicken necks a few times a week. My humans get a bit worried about me eating those these days as I'm not very good at chewing...I like to gulp my food down. I've got a special bowl that makes me eat a little bit slower but chicken necks are easy to pick up in my bowl.

Once a week I get some heart and liver for a special treat and sometimes I get some yummy fish (without the little bones cos they can also cause another ouchie). I also gets lots of big fresh bones to chomp on three times a week to help my teeth and gums. They are my favourite!!

I'd love to know if anyone else eats a Raw Food diet as my humans are always looking for new treats to give me. You can leave a comment here or email me at:

My first visit to Aunty Lou & Uncle Yogi's

A few days after I came to my new home, my human Mummy & I went for a drive to Aunty Lou & Uncle Yogi's house. Aunty Lou works with Mum and they are very good friends. Aunty Lou loves puppy dogs but they can't have any at the moment as they don't have proper fences. :(
These are some pictures of my first visit to Aunty Lou's.

Mum says I look special here. I'm not too sure what she means....

Here I am with a lemon. It was fun to play with.

I'll get you...

Meh, can't be bothered now.

Drink time. All that playing made me thirsty.
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My doggy parents and siblings

My human Mum thinks it's a good idea to show you where I came from. Below is a picture of my Mum. My humans think that her eyes are pretty scary looking & it's lucky I've got my Daddy's eyes. You can see a little bit of my Dad on the bottom left of the picture. He's being used as a human pillow. I don't think he minds though.

Below is a better picture of my Dad. It's not a very good one buts it's all I have. I look a lot like my Dad but I'm starting to get some black spots on my legs like my Mum.

These are some of my sisters. They were much more fatter than me, I think they used to bully me out of my food because when my human mummy came to get me I was much skinner than my other brothers and sisters. She tells me I was the cutest though and my other fawn sister was a bit of a rebel so that is why she chose me.

The picture below is me when I was REALLY little. I really am the cutest, don't you think?!

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Hi, nice to meet you!

Hi, my name is Stella & I'm a Great Dane. I live in a small country town in regional Victoria.

I was born on the 14th of October 2011 so I've still got lots of growing to do!

My humans did lots of research on Great Danes before they got me & they found that there wasn't much information from people who own Danes in Australia. My human mummy hopes this blog will help other Dane owners and maybe we can get some advice too!

The picture above is me at 6.5 weeks. My human mummy tells me I was the smallest in my litter. When I first came to my new home she was able to pick me up & put me under one she struggles to lift me with two!

I'd love to hear from other puppies who have blogs too.

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